A spam filter is a piece of software that runs on an email server and ‘scans’ all inbound messages to stop any unwanted ones from reaching a particular inbox. A few examples of such emails would be: offers for pills or money, fraudulent banking notices or attachments that contain malware sent with the intention of infecting your computer. Email filters typically ‘scan’ the content of an email and in case they detect particular keywords or other dubious content, they either delete the email or forward it to the Spam/Junk folder instead of the Inbox folder. Certain web hosting providers mix their own filters with up-to-date databases from spam-tracing organizations, so as to ensure higher levels of security for their customers. Such databases include patterns, mail server IPs and other information about spam email messages recently detected by these organizations.

Spam Filters in Hosting

The safety of any mailbox that you set up under a hosting account with us is guaranteed by the powerful SpamAssassin email filter that we employ. You can enable it through the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel and it comes with 5 levels of safety based on the spam score given to every email depending on various criteria, such as the recurrence of specific words, the sender, etc. If you keep getting spam email messages, you can always raise the level or if you are afraid that you may omit a genuine email message, you can combine the automatic filter with a custom one and redirect all emails from a particular sender to a different email account. In case you decide that you no longer need an email filter for a certain mailbox, you can deactivate it with only a few clicks.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you decide to use the mail service that is offered with our semi-dedicated hosting, you can keep all unasked-for messages away from your inbox by enabling the 5-level spam protection service that we provide with each semi-dedicated plan. This can be accomplished via the feature-laden Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel and we employ the powerful SpamAssassin filter to make sure that we provide the best possible protection for our customers. You can have a different anti-spam level for each mailbox and you can select if the filtered messages should be deleted or delivered to another mailbox where you can read them later so as to make sure that you won’t skip genuine emails. Switching to a different level or deactivating the anti-spam protection is also easy and requires several mouse clicks.