Web and FTP figures are usually included in the standard website hosting service. They can reveal to you how your Internet sites behave regarding popularity and visits, which can help you improve numerous sections or adjust a marketing campaign. There are many pieces of software through which you can keep track of the traffic to a website and while a number of them are more specific, there's a fundamental amount of information they all present. This includes the everyday and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or via a third-party website, the most visited webpages, and so on. This type of data can offer you an idea of where most of the traffic comes from or which webpages are more well-liked, to help you take measures and improve the content on the other webpages or start advertising in a different way, so that you can bring up the amount of visitors and the time they spend on the site. Subsequently, this will allow you to get the maximum profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Hosting

The web statistics that we will provide you with are quite comprehensive and will give you all the info that you will require with regards to the traffic to your websites. Using the Hepsia Control Panel, included with our hosting accounts, you can access two different apps - AWStats and Webalizer, as a way to get a better perception of how the sites are performing. The statistics are by the hour, daily and month-to-month and include quite a lot of info - what amount of traffic is produced by real people and how much by bots or search engines like Google, where the website visitors have come from and if they're new, the most downloaded data, the visitors’ IP addresses, etc. This info is shown in graphs and tables and you could save it if you have to make a report about the overall performance of any website, for instance. An in-house created software tool will also show you the website visitors and their locations in real time.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia hosting CP, using which you will handle your semi-dedicated server account, allows you to access 2 potent tools for overseeing the traffic to each of your sites - Webalizer and AWStats. Along with the typical data about the hourly, the everyday and the monthly visits, the IP addresses of the site visitors and the most popular web pages, you'll find quite a lot of other useful info also. For instance, you can see which is the most popular page that users open initially when they go to your Internet site and which is the most popular page they look at before they leave, what keywords they’ve used to come across your Internet site in search engine results, what OS and browsers they employ, etc. All of this info is provided in neat graphs and you can download and use them in marketing and advertising reports. The data may also tell you which sections of the Internet site you can improve, so as to maximize the traffic to it.